Switching the Game Mode of your Minecraft Realm

This is something that should be very simple, and it is... if you know where to look. I had the hardest time figuring out how to change the game mode of the #Minecraft Realm I created for my niece and her school friends. They were playing in Survival, but wanted to switch to Creative Mode […]

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3 Tips to Improve your JavaScript

Learning JavaScript is absolutely essential to becoming #WebDeveloper. Mastering #javascript along with #html and #css will make you a well rounded developer with a capability to do great things! Coding with JavaScript requires a solid understanding of the basics, a familiarity with the Document Object Model, and a lot of practice and experimentation. By mastering […]

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3 Major Tips on Becoming a Successful Youtuber

Becoming a successful #YouTuber requires a combination of passion, dedication, and hard work. By defining your niche, investing in good equipment, and being consistent in your content creation and audience engagement, you can build a successful YouTube channel and turn your passion into a career. Remember to always be authentic and enjoy the journey! Find […]

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5 Tips to get started with Digital Music Production

Creating digital music requires a combination of technical skills, creativity, and experimentation. Whether you want to be a #BeatMaker, #MusicProducer, an #MusicArtist, or a #SoundEngineer, there are some essential things that you should know. By getting to know your software, experimenting with different sounds, using layering and side-chaining techniques, paying attention to your mix, and […]

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5 Beginner Tips for Learning how to Draw Art

#Drawing is a skill that can be learned and improved upon with practice and dedication. By starting with the basics, taking classes or workshops, practicing regularly, studying the works of other artists and not being afraid to make mistakes, beginners can develop their skills and create beautiful works of art. Remember to have fun and […]

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