Get a PET in VRChat

If you're a VR Enthusiast such as myself, you have probably stumbled across the major social VR platform VR Chat. Having your own avatar is a fun way to role play and so much more. But what if you wanted to take it a step further and have your own virtual pet? My friend Awbluefy […]

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Switching the Game Mode of your Minecraft Realm

This is something that should be very simple, and it is... if you know where to look. I had the hardest time figuring out how to change the game mode of the #Minecraft Realm I created for my niece and her school friends. They were playing in Survival, but wanted to switch to Creative Mode […]

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3 Tips to Improve your JavaScript

Learning JavaScript is absolutely essential to becoming #WebDeveloper. Mastering #javascript along with #html and #css will make you a well rounded developer with a capability to do great things! Coding with JavaScript requires a solid understanding of the basics, a familiarity with the Document Object Model, and a lot of practice and experimentation. By mastering […]

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3 Major Tips on Becoming a Successful Youtuber

Becoming a successful #YouTuber requires a combination of passion, dedication, and hard work. By defining your niche, investing in good equipment, and being consistent in your content creation and audience engagement, you can build a successful YouTube channel and turn your passion into a career. Remember to always be authentic and enjoy the journey! Find […]

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5 Tips to get started with Digital Music Production

Creating digital music requires a combination of technical skills, creativity, and experimentation. Whether you want to be a #BeatMaker, #MusicProducer, an #MusicArtist, or a #SoundEngineer, there are some essential things that you should know. By getting to know your software, experimenting with different sounds, using layering and side-chaining techniques, paying attention to your mix, and […]

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