Hi, I'm Josh

But you can address me as Notch64. I'm in my 30s, originally from New Orleans, now residing somewhere along the East Coast.

Primarily, I work as a front-end software developer, dedicating myself to crafting innovative solutions and solving complex puzzles. During my leisure hours, I delve into the realms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, constantly exploring and creating within these immersive spaces. Additionally, I possess a keen interest in unraveling the mysteries of AI and understanding its inner workings.

The genesis of this blog and community stems from my desire to document my journey and connect with fellow creators who share a passion for VR and AR as much as I do. Whether they're hobbyists or aspiring professionals, I aim to foster a network where like-minded individuals can collaborate, share insights, and inspire each other's endeavors within the gaming industry and related technologies.

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