Hello readers,

As you may have noticed, a significant portion of the website's content has been removed, most of which consisted of filler material.

I've made the decision to alter the website's direction and focus. It will now serve as my personal community and blog website, dedicated to documenting my journey into VR and game development.

Despite my lifelong passion for gaming and coding, I've yet to combine the two. So, I'm excited to finally dive into something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Additionally, I continue to oversee and participate in my two Discord communities, where I engage with fellow creators and enjoy gaming sessions with old friends. You're welcome to join in; simply navigate to the main menu at the top.

Or you can simply click the links below:
Creative Server: https://discord.gg/cGMksaSHNJ
Gaming Server: https://discord.gg/vice-gamers-427913782895837195


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